New Mission and Ministry

New Mission & Ministry Grants ~

Does your church have a vision to do something new and creative, but are short on funds? Has God placed a dream on your heart, and now you are waiting for God’s provision? There is no time like the present to follow where God is leading you and your church in order to make a difference for the “transformation of the world”. The Northern Waters District is excited to be able to continue to offer one time grant funding for district churches that are launching new ministry projects or scholarships for first time mission trip attendees.  Past grant awards have ranged from a few hundred dollars to $5000, thanks to the payment of Ministry Shares. Where is Christ calling you to serve and witness to God’s love? Join us in taking risks for the sake of the Kin-dom of God.

Grant Criteria:

     A.  Your church must be making a good faith financial investment in paying your ministry shares.

     B.  The application must be submitted prior to expenditure of funds for the project.

     C.  Your grant must address at least one of these criterion in order to be considered. We are looking for results beyond what your
           congregation is currently experiencing – such as the criteria listed below:

  1. Professions of faith and Baptisms
  2. Religious Education and small group participation
  3. Outreach ministries to your community
  4. All of God’s people and/or people on the margins coming into contact with the Gospel
  5. Innovative and creative ministries
  6. Peace with Justice ministries
  7. Support the Vision of your church


Interested churches should print out and complete the application and email/mail it to: Wava Hofmann, Chair, [email protected] , 269-953-0114.

Meeting Due date for application
3/14/23 3/1/23
6/13/23 6/1/23
9/12/23 9/1/23
12/12/23 12/1/23

The  District Missions and new Ministry Team meets quarterly  to consider applications .  All applicants will be notified as to the District Missions and New Ministry Team’s decision as soon as possible.  Grant recipients will submit pictures and a newsworthy article to the District Office in order to share the story of what you have seen unfold following the launch of your project. Additional reporting may be required, as requested.

Please click  HERE  for the link to the Northern Waters District New Ministry Grant Application.


For two examples of new church ministries, please click  HERE  for what Kingsley UMC and
Harrietta UMC have been able to put in place with their New Mission and Ministry Grant funds.



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