November 2019 Update

Northern Waters District’s web page,, now has a Peace with Justice Tab.  The Peace with Justice Ministry Team will update justice information for churches on this tab. 

The staff and volunteers of Justice for Our Neighbors in Traverse City are so grateful for the outpouring of support during our September fundraising and awareness building campaign.  Our goal was to raise $10,000 during September.  After all the accounting was completed, we raised over $15,000!  We are humbled and amazed at the message of support this sends about the work we are doing to serve our immigrant neighbors throughout northern Michigan.  The Father Lovett Foundation through St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Beulah once again granted funding for JFON to serve Benzie area clients which will help us as we go into 2020.  In the past several months the number of clients from Benzie and Manistee Counties calling our office for appointments has increased, so our outreach efforts are working to raise awareness in northern Michigan communities outside of Traverse City. 

JFON is seeking volunteers to be a part of a fund development committee.  This committee will meet monthly at first and as they get started, less often as the committee divides into sub-groups working on different tasks.  They need people with a variety of skills.  Their main purpose is to help make connections with possible donors/funders, research possible grant opportunities, and help with the planning of fundraising events.  If you are interested in serving JFON in this way, please contact Alline Beutler,

Jeanette Hayes gave a presentation to our team on the above title.  Below is the reflection she provided for this update.

Recently I had the honor of a conversation with members of one of the Indian United Methodist Churches about the THANKSGIVING Holiday and what it means to them. There were varied thoughts. For some it is simply a day to be with family and friends; for others it brings up painful, personal memories of discrimination faced every day, the removal of children from biological homes and placed in foster care or for adoption.  The pastor expressed that Native people are thankful to the Creator every day; not just one day a year. The wrongs done to our Native population in the past have had long, lasting effects and we might ask ourselves this thanksgiving and every day how we might help in the healing process.

The PWJMT hopes you find this informational link useful as a Thanksgiving resource:!

Advocacy training workshop on Wednesday, May 27, 2020 is now an official Pre-Michigan Annual Conference Event.  It will be held 6-9 pm at the Grand Traverse Resort.

This workshop will prepare people to answer the question,

“What can I do to change what’s happening in the world?”

By learning how to engage in effective, faith-driven grass roots advocacy to influence federal policy, participants will gain skills and inspiration to take collective action for Peace and Justice.

In the three hours, this workshop includes training, interactive exercises and group reflections to explore ways to make change in Washington DC and in our communities through faith-led advocacy.

Please consider attending; learn more at You do not have to attend the Michigan Annual Conference to attend this Advocacy Training Workshop.

As emphasized at the hubs, NWD Churches’ ministries will be enhanced by working collaboratively with others in their communities who are working on similar justice issues.  PWJMT members, working together with the churches, can research, raise awareness and join with others who are working on justice issues in our NWD communities, counties and hubs.

Michigan Interfaith Power and Light Can be a Collaborative Partner

Fred Elmore, NWD PWJMT Member, reported on a conference he attended put on by MI Interfaith Power and Light, titled Connecting Faith, Sustainability and Justice.  His report also included information about the savings Keswick UMC is experiencing because of their solar energy project.  For more information Fred may be reached at:

Rev. Jonathon Mays of Greensky Hill Indian UMC,, is willing to answer questions about their collaboration with Michigan Interfaith Power and Light.  This MIIPL web site,, will direct NWD congregations to ways that justice can be enhanced by serving together.  

Randie Clawson CLM
NWD Peace with Justice Coordinator

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