Michigan Conference UMC Toolbox 


The conference has compiled many resources onto one page. Check these out for answers to all of your questions.


Missions and New Ministry Grant Application

The Northern Waters District’s 2020 budget includes a line item of $30,000 entitled Mission & New Ministry. Every church in the district has been asked to submit their ministry shares/apportionments so that your church and the church down the road or across the district can dream about new ministry in their area. The mission team meets regularly to look over the applications and to help make those dreams come true.

Click  HERE  for grant details and grant application.

Being a Missionary In Your Own Community

How can you get outside the doors of your church, learn about your community, and meet people where they are? Click on the link below to view the  episode of “Leading Ideas Talks” from Lewis Center for Church Leadership, listen in as Rev. Laura Heikes, pastor of Bee Creek United Methodist Church in Spicewood, Texas, talks about strategies for bringing a missionary mindset to your own neighborhood.


District Annual Apportionments

Checks are to be made out to Northern Waters District UMC.

Mail to this address:

H & R Block
Attn: Whitney Arlt
PO Box 456
Kingsley MI 49649

For a list of the 2020 apportionment amounts for all Northern Waters churches, click HERE .

For a list of the 2019 apportionment amounts for all Northern Waters churches, click HERE .