Missions and New Ministry Highlight

Empire UMC, Grant Recipient

Missions & New Ministry Grant Recipient


Empire UMC would like to thank the Missions and Ministry team for granting us funds to make our church a church with amazing new video potentials.

Through the help of the district we were able to purchase large screen TV’s, computer, and all the misc. things needed to provide a moving church service with modern technology.

These new changes have allowed the church to be a community center of sorts.  We have had meetings and started a community coffee cafe when church offices are open.  Pastor Melody has been able to enhance her Sunday services with video clips and YouTube praise music.  The ease of seeing scripture on a big screen has made reading along much easier, not to mention the words from our hymns.

We would tell other churches to use their imagination on how they do ministry and reach out to the Mission and Ministry team for a grant application to help you with these advances and changes.

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