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Changing lives through the expression of & soul north_heart

The mission of Art & Soul North is to bring dignity, pride and purpose to those experiencing homelessness and marginalized community in the Traverse City area, through self-expressive and collaborative, community art.  It is first a ministry of hospitality, offering a place of comfort and encouragement using art as the medium.  Expressive art is the focus because it engages the arts for healing, self-discovery and transformation focusing on process over product.

While the process of art making is the primary  purpose and means to individual wholeness, the secondary goal will be to establish  marketing channels for the artists to sell their work, thus giving them confidence as well as an additional source of income.

Art and religion have always gone hand-in-hand.  There is a deep and ancient bond between church and artisan, supported by scripture, because art fosters new ways to see and experience God.  Therefore it is natural for the church to support and encourage the gifts of artistry and creativity in its community. Making art is a discipline that requires silence, contemplation, discernment, humility and mindfulness— all spiritual practices!  

Art programs for the homeless, while new to our region, have been established with much success in cities throughout the country. Examples of incredible works of art created by the homeless are sold through art galleries and via art shows in communities from Seattle to New York. These programs have unleashed the immense creative potential of the homeless community creating for some talented individuals the opportunity to make a living selling their art and affording them the ability to pay for housing and basic living needs. Art & Soul North will be a ministry “franchise” of Art & Soul Detroit, a ministry of First UMC Birmingham and Central UMC Detroit, which has witnessed lives of both “students” and volunteers transformed.

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