Bishop’s Message

Bishop Bard Message

  LET’S STAY RESILIENT AGAINST COVID ~ How we can promote public health and further the common good as COVID enters a new phase. August 18th Message BISHOP DAVID BARD Michigan Area Dear Friends in Christ in the United Methodist Churches of Michigan, I greet you in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the… Continue Reading Bishop’s Message

DS Jodie’s Message

One of the outcomes of COVID is the realization that some Conference Offices could be moved to “virtual offices” or a hybrid of shared office space and working from home.  This includes some District Offices, including the Northern Waters District.  Going virtual is not only possible since we adapted to the pandemic, but it also… Continue Reading DS Jodie’s Message

2021 Annual Church Conferences

Greetings as we prepare for this year’s round of fall conferences.  Once again we face a less than “typical” year, although, hopefully, we are easing into a new normal.  It is my prayer that you are finding ways to enjoy a bit of summer – a time in which I hope you are also finding… Continue Reading 2021 Annual Church Conferences

Congregational Vibrancy

Congregational Vibrancy is inviting you to join them for their fall programs. REACH Summit Workshops     ~ are made available to churches, helping them to grow and multiply through better digital content, online communities,         growing young, leadership, structure, and many more topic choices. October 22nd (Friday) – REACH Summit Workshop October 23rd (Saturday) – REACH… Continue Reading Congregational Vibrancy

Zoom Reimbursement Offer

From Northern Waters District ~~ The district would like to offer each church in our district, reimbursement for a 1 year zoom Pro subscription at $149.90. We would like to have from you some simple information: 1. Church Name. 2. Contact Person. 3. What is Your Vision for Zoom Usage? 4. What will be the… Continue Reading Zoom Reimbursement Offer


Peace With Justice Logo

 ~~ Items of Interest ~~   Hello Justice Seekers, Your help is needed! The Northern Waters District Peace with Justice Ministry Team is considering forming a local group for advocacy for the incarcerated and their families.  We would like to organize the group to best fit your interests and concerns. Please complete the survey at… Continue Reading PEACE WITH JUSTICE