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Northern Waters
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Training Event

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snow flake_01 January 18, 2020
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
1249 Three Mile Rd., S., Traverse City
District Office / Mosaic Church

Training with:  Nancy Money, Laura Witkowski, and Kathy Pittenger (Conference Staff)

Nancy Money:  Disaster Ministry.  This workshop will provide a high level view on how the local church can engage in Disaster Ministry. Topics will include “what is a disaster”, phases of a disaster, how can the local church provide help, overviews of what specific trainings are available including ERT, Connecting Neighbors and Ministry of Care.

Laura Witkowski:  Spiritual Gifts Discovery.  What happens when you give someone a gift and they don’t use it? You feel bad, right? That’s what sometimes happens with our God-given spiritual gifts. This workshop will help you understand, discover and share your spiritual gifts! We’ll look at what the Bible says about spiritual gifts, help you begin the process to discover and use your spiritual gifts in a meaningful way for you.

Kathy Pittenger:  Intergenerational Ministry.  We live in a 6-generation society and each one is unique. Learn about the different generations and why they need one another. We will explore ways to engage in intergenerational ministry, including grandparenting ministries and faith formation ideas.

RSVP to the District Office.
231-947-5281, or, jhaney@michiganumc.org


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